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 i'm so happy that you want to find out more... 

 I'm Eloise but most people call me Elle for short. I'm a Professional Nails, Hair and Makeup Artist specialising in quirky nail art and stylish, boho and alternative hair and makeup for weddings and events.


In 6 years i've worked in all areas of the beauty industry, from salons and weddings, to films and Westend productions.  That's right. I'm a jack of all trades. I absolutely love my field and wanted to gain experience in all areas before choosing what I love most which are creating bomb nail art and beautiful hair and makeup for your special wedding day.


I love working with creative couples who want to push the boundaries of what is expected from the celebration of love!


My usual day-to-day consists of creating beautiful arty nails on all my lovely clients as well as being filled in with all the gossip that you all share with me. I live for it!

Amy and Rob - Festival Garden Wedding - Miss Whittingtons Photography (8 of 822).jpg


My Boyfriend Shane + My cat Oshi + Sundays + Sushi + Bubble Tea + Makeup + Plants + Travel + Football + Candles + Animal Crossing + Street Food + Cooking + Lofi Hip Hop + Alt Rock + Autumn + Halloween + Yoghurts + Hot Sex + Nail Art + Animals + Dancing + Coats + Tortoiseshell + Hooped earrings + Simpsons + Memes + Gin Lover + chunky trainers + Black + Baths with Funky Bath bombs + Mario Kart + Swimming + Driving


Marmite + Bad Food + Laundry + Politics + Mosquitos + 'karens' +

tight clothes + Tottenham

+ Rudeness + Bad Jokes + Red wine + Frogs + Reading + eels


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